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“I do think that if I had to choose one word to which hope can be tied it is hospitality. A practice of hospitality— recovering threshold, table, patience, listening, and from there generating seedbeds for virtue and friendship on the one hand — on the other hand radiating out for possible community, for rebirth of community.”

— Ivan Illich, interview (1996)

In the tradition of oral poets and avant-garde artists, THE CONCEPTUAL DINNER PARTY SERIES returns art back into the social praxis of life.

Friends and strangers gather around the table, they eat and drink and create performances around a given theme. 

From a personal recreation of NASA's 'Golden Record' to stories from the 1970s 'Italian Resistance' to songs about the 'Longing for Repetition' and experiences of 'The Floating Life', many guests have brought their lives and dreams to the table.


Please join, manifesto below. 

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